Summer has officially begun and that means a new season with home energy savings and efficiency ramifications is upon us. Like with any seasonal shift, a new set of rules and energy savings tips comes into play. Over the next few days, we’ll outline a few tips that can help save you big during this summer of 2016.

As always, contact BelRed directly for some advice on many personalized ways in which you can make your home the most efficient it’s ever been.

  1. Unplug electronics and appliances when they aren’t in use. While this can be a good tip for any time of the year, it’s becoming increasingly important as we live in a world with so many more electronics being used than ever before. These electronics and small appliances use a fairly large amount of energy if they are plugged in—even if they are turned off. This “phantom power” can cut out a bigger portion of your home’s energy use than you may think if things are unplugged when not in use.
  1. Think about installing window shading around your home. In the hot summer days, keeping sunlight outside is one of the best ways to keep the inside of your home cool. You can install and draw window shades, use patio covers or awnings, or even solar window screens to keep the sun out. For long-term solutions, think about installing tall shrubs, trees or vines to provide a natural barrier. The sun can heat up the inside of the home extremely quickly when things start to warm up in the summer. Keeping it from getting inside will reduce the amount you have to use your air conditioner to keep things comfortable.
  1. Keep your pool efficient. If you’re fortunate enough during the summer heat to have a pool, you probably know that it can be an energy hog during the summer. The filtration systems in pools tend to use a ton of energy and run almost constantly. However, reducing the amount your pool filtration system runs can mean a huge savings. Test this over the course of a few days—increase the time between filtration cycles. If the water remains clear, you’re good to go a bit further. Taking the time to figure out the right balance can save you big.

Summer is a time to enjoy the heat—but we know better than anyone that heat belongs outdoors! Keep things cool and comfortable in your home by letting the team from BelRed help with your home energy consultation, equipment and services.

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