There are a variety of ways to enhance the performance and life of your water heater. BelRed offers these options, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about them:

Recirculating Pumps

Providing fast hot water delivery at your faucet or shower, these pumps also eliminate water waste caused by waiting for water to heat up. Save water, and reduce wait time for hot water with a recirculating pump for your water heating system.

Flush Kits/Valves

Manufacturers recommend annual flushing of your hot water tank to remove sediment buildup and keep your water heater running at peak performance. Make annual flushing of your hot water tank fast and easy with this installed flush kit.

Upgraded Dip Tubes

Curved dip tubes minimize sediment buildup at the bottom of your tank, maximizing hot water output and tank life.

Upgraded and Secondary Magnesium Anode Rods

One of the most important considerations in the life of your water heater is whether the anode rod is performing its job – to divert corrosive action away from the tank walls. Adding a secondary, or a sacrificial anode rod, can dramatically improve the life span of your tank, and save you thousands of dollars over time. Magnesium rods are excellent sacrificial rods used to protect the inside metal surface of your water heater tank. The magnesium corrodes instead of your tank.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Get more hot water and peace of mind with a Thermostatic Mixing Valve. These valves allow you to set your water heater to a higher temperature, reducing the threat of bacteria growth, while helping to prevent scalding. Plus, you’ll enjoy increased available hot water by mixing hot water with cold.

Thermal Expansion Tanks

When water is heated, the extra volume created by expansion must go someplace – hence the need for Thermal Expansion Tanks. When dangerous pressures are built up in a water heater, internal parts may fail – such as the internal flues, fittings or water connections. Thermal expansion can also lead to a ruptured or distorted hot water heating tank and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Many people don’t realize that, to provide the protection they are designed for, expansion tanks must be properly sized and pressurized. Get the expansion tank that is right for your system to protect you and your family.

Stainless Steel and Braided Water Supply Lines

Flexible supply lines bring water from the permanently installed pipes behind your walls to your water heater, and the materials used for these lines matter. Old galvanized lines react with minerals in the water to cause scale accumulation inside the pipe, resulting in poor water pressure. Copper flex lines resist corrosion, but can kink or break easily.

BelRed offers stainless steel flex lines that do not corrode and resist kinking. We also offer braided steel lines that feature a durable braided outer sheathing, with tough nylon reinforced vinyl tubing inside for maximum reliability and water pressure.