We do it right. We guarantee our work. Any issues? We resolve them quickly and make it right.

You want repairs and installations done right, the first time. We agree. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our work, we provide the best guarantees* in the business:

  • 100% Guarantee on All Repairs
    If a repaired part fails in the first year, we’ll replace it at no cost. For Preferred Member Program members, this coverage is extended for one to two years.
  • No-Risk Performance Guarantee
    If your new comfort system does not perform as designed within the first year, and we can’t correct the problem, we’ll remove the system and refund 100% of your money so you have nothing to lose.
  • No-Nonsense Parts and Labor Warranty
    With proper installation and maintenance, quality comfort systems should provide trouble-free operation for years. This warranty provides peace of mind with parts and labor coverage on all repairs for the first year on systems we install.
  • No-Lemons Guarantee
    If the heat exchanger on your new furnace, or compressor on your new AC or heat pump, fails within the first 5 years, we’ll repair it at no charge.
  • Lifetime Installation Guarantee
    We guarantee the quality of our installation for life. This includes all metal work, fasteners, clamps, straps, etc.

*All of our guarantees are written in plain English, with no hidden loopholes, but they are subject to some common sense limitations and conditions. Please ask to see written guarantees for details.

Guaranteed solutions, guaranteed performance

At BelRed, we know that it’s the contractor who makes the biggest difference in how well a system operates. Along with hiring expert HVAC technicians, we guarantee the performance of every heating, air conditioning and plumbing system we install. A BelRed installation adds value to your purchase with:

  • Better comfort – through improved air delivery and balanced air flow
  • Optimized efficiency, system life and comfort – via computerized “Manual J” Heat Load Analysis, assuring you of the ideal-size system plus duct system analysis
  • Lifetime Quality Installation Guarantee – with a 22-point quality checklist on EVERY installation
  • Unsurpassed installation excellence – with our team of NATE-certified technicians
  • Proper system installation and operation assured – thanks to our proprietary “Final Touch” Quality Audit
  • Personalized instruction – on how to operate and maintain your new system
  • The best guarantees in the business – we stand behind our work 100%
  • Peace of mind with 100% permitted work – to ensure your system will meet all local codes, plus inspection by a third party

Honest service and upfront pricing

When we come to your home, you don’t have to hold a stopwatch on us because we charge by the job, not by the hour. We do not repair anything without first telling you the cost of the repair – no matter how long it takes, and getting your permission to make that repair.

Our quoted system replacement prices include everything necessary to properly install your new system, and ensure that it performs to manufacturer’s specifications. If there are unforeseen problems due to hidden conditions in your home, or if you want to change something at the last minute, we inform you if there will be additional charges, and obtain your permission before any additional work is done.

BelRed has been in business since 1986, and we are committed to bringing you the best. All employees that we hire must pass background checks, Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) checks, and drug screens. We run random drug screens and follow-up MVR checks throughout the year. These tasks are done to keep our employees safe and ensure our customers’ peace of mind.

We regularly hire technicians who are new to HVAC, and absorb the cost to fully train those employees and ensure they receive all required licensing and certifications. In addition, we provide ongoing training for all employees to guarantee everyone has current knowledge of their field(s). We track all current licensing and certifications to ensure all employees maintain the Continuing Education Credits that they need to keep current.

We have a fleet of 45 vehicles that we maintain to ensure they are running safely at all times. We take care of oil changes, brake changes, and any repairs and maintenance needed to make sure that our drivers are safe as well as our community drivers on the road.

We have a staff of 65 employees, and we consider everyone a part of our extended family. We know the names and ages of our BelRed children and grandchildren, and we celebrate holidays and life events whenever possible. To ensure our employees are well provided for, we offer competitive wages, employer-subsidized healthcare, an Employee Assistance Program, Paid Time Off, and 7 paid holidays per year.

It is a company policy to take photos of every person that might go into a customer’s home, and those photos are used on employee badges and included in emails that go out to customers so they know ahead of time who we are sending to their home.

We maintain current business licenses for our entire service area and pay all necessary taxes and fees required to work in those areas. We pull permits for all jobs that require them to make sure we are following the city/town’s rules and regulations.

All of these things combined add value to our services, but come at a cost to our business. We are proud of the safety and security that we provide to our customers, as well as the extensive benefits that our hard-working employees have. When researching who will be servicing your home, we ask that our customers look beyond the estimate or invoice and evaluate the quality of the business providing that service. At BelRed, you will receive fully licensed, bonded, insured, highly trained technicians who are paid better than a living wage, and are provided with benefits that allow them to build and grow their families and enrich their communities.