Summer has officially begun and that means a new season with home energy savings and efficiency ramifications is upon us. Like with any seasonal shift, a new set of rules and energy savings tips comes into play. Over the next few days, we’ll outline a few tips that can help save you big during this summer of 2016.

As always, contact BelRed directly for some advice on many personalized ways in which you can make your home the most efficient it’s ever been.

  1. Set your air conditioning thermostat as high as comfortable in the summer. As is the case in the winter, your thermostat can be one of your best friends when it comes to energy efficiency and conservation during the hot summer months. Changing the settings even a few degrees can make a big difference in your overall consumption, not to mention in your monthly energy bill. Set the thermostat to a level that is as high as you can go and still be comfortable in your home. High 70s is a good target for the warmest summer months for your air conditioner thermostat. This will allow the unit to take a bit of a breather and not have to work in overtime, running almost constantly, if the weather becomes very hot inside and out. Remember, the fewer times your AC unit kicks on, the less you’ll have to shell out month over month in energy costs.
  1. Be smart about your other indoor appliances during the warmer days. As you probably already know, it can be a challenge keeping heat out of your home during the summer. Having your home at peak performance when it comes to energy efficiency will definitely help keep the warm air out and the cool air in. However, when you have heat sources inside your home, it can sometimes seem like a losing battle. Dryers, dishwashers and especially ovens can all add a great deal of heat to the inside of your home when they are operating on these warmer days. Even heat-generating incandescent lights can warm up the inside of your home. It’s a good idea to find alternative times to operate these appliances if possible. Also, that grill we mentioned in the intro? Use it! Keeping your cooking outside whenever possible will keep that heat outdoors where it belongs in the summer.
  1. Have your central air unit inspected, tuned up and cleaned. Just like your furnace should be inspected each year to ensure its highest possible performance, your central air unit should be inspected, cleaned and tuned up so it is ready to perform for the summer. Regular maintenance and checkups will keep the unit running efficiently, even during high and regular use. Have a qualified contractor come check on the unit and perform the tune up for you. It will be well worth it.

 Summer is a time to enjoy the heat—but we know better than anyone that heat belongs outdoors! Keep things cool and comfortable in your home by letting the team from BelRed help with your home energy consultation, equipment and services.

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