Summer has officially begun and that means a new season with home energy savings and efficiency ramifications is upon us. Like with any seasonal shift, a new set of rules and energy savings tips comes into play. Over the next few days, we’ll outline a few tips that can help save you big during this summer of 2016.

As always, contact BelRed directly for some advice on many personalized ways in which you can make your home the most efficient it’s ever been.

  1. Let your windows and blinds work for you. Your windows and window accessories can be huge factors in reducing the overall energy your home uses and can go a long way toward increasing your home’s performance. If there are moments of coolness outside during the winter (say, at night), open the windows and take advantage of that fresh air. It will also greatly increase the quality of air inside your home. Furthermore, using the window blinds and shades to your advantage can also be key. Shutting the shades during the day when the sun is at its hottest will limit the amount of heat entering the home. Opening them at night is also a great (and low cost!) way to keep your home cool.
  1. Make use of fans, and use them wisely. Fans are a great way to get around constantly running your air conditioning unit. If you can stick to only running your AC on very warm days and using ceiling, window or whole-house fans, you could find yourself saving a lot of energy this summer. Make sure your fan direction has been changed from the winter, which can typically be done on the side of the fan.
  1. Install a whole house fan. Speaking of making good use of fans, installing a whole house fan is one of the best ways to do just that. Typically installed in the attic of a home, these fans are a great way to draw the hot air out of your house and replace it with cooler air. Running these fans in the morning before the sun gets very hot and at night after the sun has gone down will allow you to resist the urge of flipping on that AC switch.

Summer is a time to enjoy the heat—but we know better than anyone that heat belongs outdoors! Keep things cool and comfortable in your home by letting the team from BelRed help with your home energy consultation, equipment and services.

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