The cold-weather months represent the prime season for sickness, with the flu, colds and this year even the possibility of COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus. Aside from buying a case of face masks, soaps and hand sanitizers, there is more you can do right at home to help protect you and your family from unwanted viruses, indoor air pollutants and more.

The HVAC experts at BelRed Energy Solutions are actively looking for ways to improve indoor air quality with the best equipment and technology available. These advances can make your home a haven of clean air away from the outside world. We’ve identified two products that when combined give you the best chance to eliminate unwanted airborne particles including mold, staphylococcus (staph), E-coli, streptococcus (strep), RNA viruses, DNA viruses, bacterial spores, fungal spores and the flu virus. 

Installing the Advanced Air Scrubber and Trane Clean Effects filter gives you the best chance to wipe out anything that could make your family sick. The Advanced Air Scrubber uses Active Pure Technology to constantly purify your air and surfaces. The Trane Clean Effects filter traps an amazing 99.98% of airborne particles. It catches particles as small as .1 micron, making it 8 times more effective than even the best HEPA room filters.  

If you currently have a central heated duct system in your house, you owe it to yourself to find out more about having the cleanest air possible. The money you save from potential medical bills can more than offset your investment in better home air quality.  When your family is healthy, they are happier. For more information on indoor air quality filtration systems, mini split filter options or the benefits of a new air filter, give BelRed a call today!