Have central air? Air duct cleaning can help make your HVAC system more efficient by keeping your heating and cooling coils, motors and air handling units debris-free. At BelRed Energy Solutions, our patented HEPA-Aire® duct cleaning service uses high powered air pressure and scrubbing brushes to loosen dirt and debris from inside your ducts, while a high-powered vacuum pulls pollutants and allergens into HEPA-filtered bags, ensuring these offenders do not re-enter your home.

Another lurker is the debris trapped in vents from your clothes dryer. The U.S. Fire Administration reports 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year! We offer optional dryer vent cleaning for your safety and to protect your home; these vents should be inspected and cleaned at least annually. 

The Case for Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Getting ready for a home remodel, room addition or a mother-in-law unit? Consider incorporating ductless mini-split systems. Ideal for any area (or zone) lacking duct work, a mini-split has an indoor unit that directly connects to an outdoor unit via piping and wiring. This way, specific areas can be zone-controlled to your desired temperature settings.

A ductless heat pump system or AC unit can more evenly distribute cold or warm air more than “ducted” homes with central air systems, translating to energy cost savings. These high efficiency air conditioning units are quicker to install without the ductwork and less expensive than a traditional HVAC system. Going ductless also helps allergy sufferers breathe cleaner because a mini-split’s air filters absorb germs, pollen, dust, mildew and odor-causing gases.

There are also mini-split models that offer multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. Mini-splits come in a variety of styles that complement indoor home décor; they can be mounted high or low on walls, or flush into the ceiling providing a modern look to your home (standard-equipped remote controls come in handy for hard-to-reach installations).

For ducts, BelRed Energy Solutions’ highly trained technicians will leave your home air fresh and clean so you can breathe easy again, and help you determine if going ductless is right for your next home addition. Call for an appointment today!