Air filters are a crucial, yet often overlooked part of a central HVAC system. In order to keep your home’s air filter in tip-top shape, it’s important to have it checked, maintained and changed regularly. As we say here at BelRed, “If you don’t have a properly-working air filter in your home, your lungs are acting as the air filter.”

Why should I have my air filter changed regularly (every 1-3 months)?

Prevent Damage to Your HVAC System. A clogged air filter can cause extensive, unwanted damage to your HVAC system. But, if you keep up-to-date on checking your air filter’s condition, you can prevent this and help to further the longevity of your system. Neglect is one of the leading causes of heating and cooling systems failing, yet this can easily be avoided with regular maintenance

Create Clean, Healthy Air. Changing your home’s air filter ensures cleaner, fresher and healthier air. This is better for everyone in your home, but particularly for children, the elderly and especially for those suffering from allergies and/or asthma. For those with allergies or asthma, a clean air filter means your HVAC system is not constantly circulating dust, pollen and other small particles in the air. Instead, your system will be able to purify the air, leaving it clean and healthy so you can breathe easy. 

Save Money. Aside from protecting your HVAC system from unnecessary damage, replacing a clogged air filter will also save you a significant amount on operating costs. A dirty air filter uses much more energy than a new, clean air filter, which means a much higher electricity bill for you. By keeping your air filter clean and in good condition through regular maintenance, you could potentially save up to 15% on utility costs.

Protect the Environment. Failing to clean and replace your air filter on a regular basis is essentially failing the environment. As mentioned above, an air filter that is clogged means a harder-working HVAC system, which translates to large amounts of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gasses being released. Running your home in an eco-friendly manner doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all forms of comfort and ease in your life. Something as simple as changing an air filter regularly can go a long way in making a difference.

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