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Spring Cleaning Home Energy Edition – Part 2

There’s no avoiding it if you’re a homeowner—the Spring cleaning list. You probably already have a lengthy annual checklist to begin to take care of now that winter is at its close. One question to ask, however, is if you have home performance, indoor air quality and home energy maintenance items included on that Spring…

Keeping Your HVAC System Clean

It’s no secret to any homeowner with an HVAC system—it needs to be kept clean. The most recognizable way to do so is by regularly changing air filters in the system. There are many different air filters from which to choose, so sometimes it can be difficult to know which filters to buy. Many systems…

Installation of Trane XV80 Gas Furnace – Kirkland, WA

David & Marilyn White had been experiencing some home comfort issues, so they decided to have our BelRed team install a Trane XV80 gas furnace. (Existing furnace with single wall vent and old gas piping) This model of Trane gas furnaces is great for improving comfort and indoor air quality within the home. It has…

BelRed’s Legacy of Innovation

Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, BelRed has been providing high-quality service to customers since 1986. Begun as a small heating and air conditioning services business, we've grown into one of the largest HVAC companies in western Washington, and we credit our success to our decades of satisfied customers and HVAC products. Along with superior service, BelRed has always been at the forefront of HVAC offerings, and continues to offer new solutions to optimize comfort and efficiency.


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  • 11 Tips to Protect Your Home from a Hard Freeze

    When a freeze hits Seattle and the surrounding areas, it hits hard. Hard freezes can last for several days or even longer and most homeowners find themselves unprepared. Under insulated or uninsulated water pipes are susceptible to freezing closed, or in the worst-case scenario, splitting from the freeze. But there’s hope! Read on to discover…

  • What is a Heat Load Analysis and Do You Need One?

    What is a heat load analysis? A heat load analysis is the method used to calculate how much heating and cooling a home needs to stay comfortably cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. It is used to determine what size HVAC system a home needs and what sort of energy…

  • Don’t Let Your Plumbing Keep You Up At Night

    Your home depends on a properly functioning plumbing system, but as a homeowner, you know a lot can go wrong! From leaky pipes to sewer backups, drips can become disasters in the blink of an eye. Watch the video below for preventative steps you can take to ensure your plumbing doesn’t keep you up at night….

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