David & Marilyn White had been experiencing some home comfort issues, so they decided to have our BelRed team install a Trane XV80 gas furnace.

(Existing furnace with single wall vent and old gas piping)

This model of Trane gas furnaces is great for improving comfort and indoor air quality within the home. It has a variable-speed fan motor that adjusts speed to provide a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air. The XV80 operates at 80% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).

The system had to also be brought up to current code, so the BelRed installation team performed a host of other improvements:

  • They installed and properly sealed a base can for the unit
  • Brought the gas piping up to code
  • And replaced the single wall vent with a b-vent for a safer installation that met current code requirements.

(New gas piping and venting are safe and meet current code requirements)

(The new furnace includes an easy to use filter access door)

Also on the Whites’ wish list was making the replacement of air filters easier. Previously, the filter was hard to reach. As is often the case with hard to replace filters, it often got neglected. As we have discussed before, changing the filter on any HVAC system is crucial to the life of the equipment and the quality of the air inside the home. So, the BelRed installers installed an easy access filter door, which will make changing filters in the future a breeze for the Whites. Overall, they should experience a big increase in indoor air quality and comfort with this new system and improvements.

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