It’s that time of year, with mailboxes flooded with coupons for cheap duct cleanings. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Check out this video clip and article from “Dateline” to learn how to avoid a potential bait & switch scams from companies advertising cheap duct cleanings.

BelRed provides quality duct cleaning services, from highly trained staff, using the best tools and equipment available. Our pricing is up-front and there are no high-pressure sales tactics. We are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, and guarantee all of our work 100%

Ideally, ducts are sealed systems, with little ability for dirt and dust to enter them. Ducts that require regular cleaning may be a sign that there are leaks within the duct system, pulling in dirt, dust, or worse from attics, crawl spaces, or inside walls. A Home Energy Audit from BelRed can determine if there is a problem with your duct system, and provide you with permanent solutions.