Environmentally friendly air source heat pumps

Like their name suggests, air-source heat pumps use the outside air to transfer heat for indoor comfort. In the winter, they extract heat from the outside air (even when you may not think there is any heat!) and move it inside your home. In the summer, they pull heat from your home and move it outside to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Air-source heat pumps work efficiently with outdoor temperatures down to around 35°. In the Pacific Northwest, they will heat your home up to 90% of the time in the winter. For extremely cold days, backup heat is needed.

  • Electrically heated homes – An air handler with backup resistance heaters will ensure your comfort on even the coldest of days
  • Gas homes – A hybrid system using a heat pump paired with a gas furnace provides the best of both worlds through year-round comfort and great efficiency
  • Both systems move the conditioned air through your existing ductwork – using the fan from your furnace or air handler

Air-source heat pumps from BelRed deliver savings, comfort, and reliability, but care must be taken to properly size and install them – areas where BelRed excels. Contact us today to see if one of these money-saving units is right for you.