Do you suffer from:

  • Rooms that are too hot?
  • Allergy problems from indoor dust or outdoor pollens?
  • Worries about your safety with windows left open in the summer?

If you answered “yes,” BelRed is here to help solve these issues with smarter solutions!

Today’s air conditioning systems offer great summertime comfort with reduced noise and energy use compared to older models. In fact, even the least efficient models available today are up to 30% more efficient than those from just a few years ago.

With proper sizing, installation and air distribution, today’s modern air conditioning systems can also provide:

  • Increased comfort – with multi-stage or variable speed compressors that match their output to your home’s heating and cooling needs
  • Even temperatures – through variable speed fans that gently mix the air, even when there’s no call for heating or cooling
  • Quiet operation – thanks to reduced compressor and fan noise

Air conditioning systems from BelRed can deliver savings, comfort, and reliability, but care must be taken:

  • Much of the ductwork in homes in the Puget Sound area is not designed for air conditioning and modifications may be required
  • Units must be properly sized and installed to deliver the comfort and efficiency you expect – areas where BelRed excels

You may also want to consider a heat pump instead of an air conditioner. Heat pumps provide high efficiency heating AND air conditioning – at a fraction of the operating cost of other heating systems.

Contact us today to see which of these air conditioning system solutions is right for you.

Air Conditioning Repair

BelRed’s highly trained HVAC technicians are experts at delivering superb service and making sure every repair is done right. Each BelRed tech receives hundreds of hours of classroom and field training every year to stay up to date on new equipment and the latest technologies in air conditioning.

We’ll troubleshoot and completely diagnose your issue and provide a detailed cost estimate prior to doing any work. Our technician(s) will then complete the repair, and gladly explain exactly the services that have been provided.

BelRed repairs all kinds of A/C systems –  central air, heat pumps for home cooling, and modular A/C units.