During the summer, it might seem counterintuitive to think about the benefits of a heat pump until you realize the cooling relief they can bring to homes, including yours! Getting your home to the most comfortable temperature isn’t just via an air conditioner; one of the most effective home cooling systems is a ductless heat pump. This type of unit can move heat from one area to the next with very modest amounts of energy.

Air conditioning units and heat pumps both capture the humidity and heat within your home and transmit it outside, but a heat pump can both heat and cool. While a heat pump removes hot air from your home in summer, in winter it can reverse course to collect heat from outside. This capability eliminates an additional heating source in the colder months—and for milder winters such as those experienced in the Pacific Northwest—with outdoor temperatures mostly above freezing, it’s the ideal unit. Depending on the quality of your home’s ductwork and airflow, efficient heat pumps may also reduce the occurrence of hot and cold spots. Overall highlights include:

  • Energy efficiency – In the right climate, such as the Pacific Northwest, heat pumps can be extremely energy efficient. Compared to traditional furnace systems, they can bring savings of around 30 percent on energy bills.
  • Lower fossil fuel usage – Certain heat pumps, such as geothermal systems, don’t use any fossil fuels; a win for the environment and your gas bill!
  • Quick Comfort– Regulate the temperature in your home very quickly.
  • Extremely safe– Especially when compared to combustion heat sources and wood-burning fireplaces. No hot surfaces reduce the risk of burns/fire.
  • Higher air quality – These non-oxygen-burning systems reduce a home’s “stuffiness.” Properly installed, these systems can help purify air as they transfer clean it through the home, ideal for those with asthma or other respiratory problems.

In high-density residential areas, noise can be a concern, and BelRed Energy Solutions can recommend the quietest heat pump options, developed by Trane to meet noise ordinances. Finding the right heat pump for your home depends on your specific needs, sizing, ductwork, and location. Our HVAC experts are trained to evaluate your home’s airflow, provide proper heat pump sizing, and maximize your energy efficiency. BelRed Energy Solutions specializes in ductless heat pump installation, air conditioning repair, and more. We are committed to keeping you comfortable with best-in-category heat pump systems to save on energy costs. Contact us today or schedule an appointment to determine which system is best for you.