As is the case in many new home purchasers, the Platt’s of Bothell, WA acquired an outdated furnace with his new house.  The furnace that was heating the house was a 30-year-old gas furnace that was low on efficiency and high on operating cost. John knew he needed to replace the furnace upon moving into the house, so he called in a team from BelRed to get the work done right away.

On Mr. Platt’s wish list was a combination of greater efficiency and more comfort than the old furnace could provide. He also wanted something that could fit within his new home budget. The solution was a Rheem Prestige Series variable speed 80% gas furnace. This furnace with a 2-stage gas valve provides quiet operation and ensures comfortable temperatures throughout the home with more precise heating output and gentle mixing of the air. The last thing a homebuyer wants is fluctuating temperatures and uncomfortable air in their new house. Fortunately, the Platt’s won’t have to deal with that after this Rheem furnace upgrade. The Rheem Prestige Series 80% furnace also comes with Rheem’s trademarked Comfort Control System, which automatically detects certain problems with the furnace and alerts the homeowner when service is required.

Old furnace (left) replaced by Rheem Prestige Series (right)

To complement the new gas furnace and to improve overall comfort, the BelRed team also installed a new base-can and rebuilt the old plenums. The new plenums were sealed and insulated to ensure maximum efficiency with the new system. A new return duct was also installed so that air could be mixed from both levels of the home, rather than just the upstairs.

New return duct


The BelRed installation team also made sure all venting was up to code after upgrading from the 30-year-old-furnace. Finally, an earthquake shut-off valve was installed at the gas meter to ensure safety for Mr. Platt and his loved ones in the new house. Overall, the new Platt house will be filled with comfortable air and efficient heating. To explore similar gas furnace options, please don’t hesitate to contact us at BelRed today.

Earthquake shut-off valve

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