With their 26 year-old furnace needing significant repairs, the Widdles of Carnation, Washington decided it was time to invest in a new heating system that provided much more efficiency than their current outdated unit. Their old furnace was a Rheem, which they had been happy with while it was in working order, so they decided to stick with that trusted brand. The old Rheem was replaced with a brand new, extremely efficient unit – the Rheem Classic Series High Efficiency Furnace.

old furnace (left), the work in progress (middle) and new Rheem 95% AFUE (right)

A favorite of customers wanting high efficiency and maximum indoor air quality, this gas furnace comes fully equipped with Rheem’s Dual Comfort Control technology. As we have mentioned in previous installation posts, the 95% AFUE 2-stage furnace is one of the quietest models on the market, providing home comfort without the annoying loud noise of older furnaces. Because of the new furnace’s high-efficiency rating, the Widdles also qualified for a furnace rebate through Puget Sound Energy. As a certified Puget Sound Energy contractor, our BelRed team made sure they took advantage of this great rebate program.

In addition to the new furnace, our team of highly trained professionals also installed new sealed duct plenums and a new base-can to maximize efficiency of the heating unit. The Widdles also elected to have a new Honeywell F100 media filter installed to help keep their household free of airborne particulates, including pollens and other allergens. This will come in especially handy during these high-pollen months of Spring and will help keep their air quality high. As an added convenience bonus, these filters only have to be replaced twice per year – much less than the typical furnace system filters.

new lined a sealed base-can

If you’d like to learn more about a high efficiency furnace from Rheem, the excellent Puget Sound rebates or installing a Honeywell media filter to keep allergens out of your home’s air, don’t hesitate to contact the home energy specialists at BelRed today!

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