This winter, BelRed was pleased to install a brand new Rheem high efficiency gas furnace for Hilary Benson in Mercer island, WA. Hilary was having some issues with her old standard efficiency gas furnace, so she was ready for an upgrade. Our installers on the project, Brandon and Chad, delivered just that. You can see the original unit at the right in the photo below:

The new Rheem high efficiency system is a 2-stage variable speed gas furnace that will provide much better comfort, and even temperatures throughout her home. In fact, these furnaces do a great job in eliminating hot and cold spots when properly installed and set-up.

As part of the comprehensive project, our BelRed installation team also added a return duct and reworked the supply ductwork for better air flow, sealed and insulated the ductwork. Not only will this make her system more efficient at delivering the air she is paying to heat, it will also help improve her indoor air quality. And by converting from the standard efficiency system, Hilary is going to quickly notice improved energy efficiency. Finally, Hilary added an earthquake shut-off valve for safety. Photos of the new system can be seen below:

To wrap up the upgrade project, Hilary had BelRed’s licensed plumbers install a new expansion tank and earthquake straps, an earthquake stand and thermostat mixing valve to bring her hot water heater up to current code. In order to save valuable water and time spent waiting for hot water, she also had us install a re-circulating pump on the hot water heater system.

These new upgrades will provide Hilary with a big increase in the efficiency of her heating and hot water systems. The indoor air quality of her home will also improve dramatically when compared to her old system.

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