When the Hamilton’s, of Mercer Island heat went out, our service technician quickly made necessary repairs to get their heat back on. However, it was clear that the Hamilton’s would need a new heating system. Their furnace was quickly coming to the end of its life.

To replace their old furnace, the Hamilton’s decided to go with a value-priced standard efficiency furnace from Rheem. They chose the Single-Stage PSC Motor 80% standard efficiency value series furnace for the installation. As is the case with all Rheem furnaces, this model comes with a patented heat exchanger, which is extremely compact and provides a faster, more efficient transfer of heat. That will mean a much higher level of comfort for the Hamilton’s during the cold winter months.


In addition to the new furnace installation, we also installed a new electronic air cleaner to ensure good air filtration. This air cleaner not only protects their new gas furnace, it will also improve the overall indoor air quality of their home. As is the case with any BelRed furnace installation, regardless of furnace model or type, we provided the Hamilton’s with a BelRed quality installation with sealed duct transitions, complimentary quality audit and air balance, and a lifetime installation guarantee.

The Hamilton’s also wanted a new hot water heater installed, so we took care of that on the same day – providing the Hamilton’s with the convenience they needed, and saving from losing another day at home for a separate installation. The new hot water heater system was brought up to code with a water heater stand, a drain pan, earthquake strapping (required for our area), a new expansion tank and new b-vent.

We were thrilled to install the Hamilton’s new furnace and hot water heater systems. And with the BelRed’s installation quality, they can rest assured that they will have better indoor air quality and a more comfortable home for years to come.

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