Whether in our own homes or somewhere else, we have all probably experienced the stuffy feeling of damp, heavy or “dirty” air indoors. It’s certainly not a pleasant feeling and can even be harmful to our health and wellbeing.


According to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies, levels for air pollutants may be up to five times higher indoors than outdoors. We thought we’d help you start to address some of the typical causes of poor indoor air quality. The series continues with part two, below:


1. Keep it moving. Circulation is key to keeping your home’s air fresh. The systems used to keep your air fresh require the air to actually be moving to work effectively. This includes utilizing ceilings fans whenever possible. That “stuffy” feeling with heavy air isn’t a coincidence—it’s most often felt when air is not moving inside your home. This is also especially true when you’re cooking. Increased circulation will keep your air feeling much better even during those extensively prepared meals.


2. Don’t shy away from houseplants. Bringing living plants into your home is an extremely effective way to bring some fresh air into your indoors life. Just like the do out in the wild, green plants help remove harmful pollutants from the air and can help pump out fresh, breathable “replacement” air. Nature doesn’t have to only work outside.


3. Ditch the carpet. If you’re making renovations to your home and on the fence about what type of floor to go with, think about choosing a hard surface floor over carpet. Carpet is one of the leading causes of trapper dirt, dander, dust and other allergens. These harmful materials can easily get up into your home’s air from the carpet, greatly reducing the indoor air quality. Carpets are very hard to clean effectively without expensive equipment purchases or rentals. This isn’t the case for hardwoods, laminate or tile.


4. Purchase an air purifier or filtration system. In some homes and in certain environments, an extra step is needed to ensure clean air in your home. Purchasing an air filtration system or purification system can do wonders for helping you breathe easier. We have a few great options to choose from here at BelRed.


If you have issues with your indoor air quality and need help improving it, you can contact BelRed today. We offer comprehensive air quality checks, including Air Advice™, a test during which we sample your indoor air regularly over a period of days to identify potential problems. More detailed testing of your home’s structure to locate the root cause of these problems is also available with our Home Energy and Safety Assessment.


Begin breathing easier. Contact BelRed today to arrange for testing in your home, and learn how you can improve the quality of your home’s indoor air.