Over the past few years, we’ve seen numerous government and organizational programs that offer rebates (both public and private) to home and business owners based on upgrades and efficiencies made to their homes and businesses. One such program local to our area is the Community Power Works program.

In conjunction with the City of Seattle, Community Power Works is an energy savings program set up with the purpose of delivering energy efficiency solutions to Seattle’s residential and business communities, while working to create economic growth. BelRed is proud to be an approved vendor for this rebate program.

Many of the upgrades that fall under this program’s rebates and incentives involve valuable home and business upgrades such as insulation and window replacement. There are many benefits to having these energy-saving updates done to your property. Not only do these upgrades improve the comfort and value of your home, they can help reduce your personal carbon dioxide emissions.


These energy-efficient upgrades can also have a direct impact on your wallet. Aside from the monthly energy cost savings you can see from improved insulation or upgraded windows, this particular program’s rebates can have an immediate impact on your energy budget. For example, the Community Power Works Program offers $6-8 per square foot for window replacement for single-family homeowners. Similarly, the program offers rebate incentives for insulation work – $0.50 per square foot for attic and floor insulation and $0.65 per square foot for wall insulation. If you’ve ever shopped around for insulation, you know these savings can really add up.

The program also offers overall energy savings incentives through a “Save more energy, get more rebates” instant rebate offer. The more you collectively save through these upgrades, the more you receive in instant rebates. An energy savings increase of 15-20% for your home can result in an instant rebate of $1,250! Having window or insulation upgrades performed by BelRed can go a long way toward realizing these energy savings percentages.

If you live in Seattle within the Community Power Works program area, you can contact BelRed to find out about taking part in this energy and money saving program. The time has never been better to upgrade your home energy systems and products.