As you may know, BelRed is an approved contractor partner for Puget Sound Energy (PSE). In partnership with its approved contractors, Puget Sound Energy prides itself on delivering reliable home energy service. Puget Sound Energy is also extremely mindful of energy savings and efficiency, offering great energy savings rebates and providing consumers with tips to make their home the most efficient it can possible be.


We recently came across another example of this commitment to home energy savings and efficiency in the form of an entertaining contest Puget Sound Energy is currently running and documenting. It is called “Re-Energized by Design” and challenges six families to outdo each other with unique and efficient home improvement projects. The contestants’ challenge: “combine elegant home design with energy-efficient products throughout the home – in the bathroom, office or garage, living room, laundry room, and kitchen.”


Puget Sound Energy is documenting all of the upgrade projects in videos easily accessible on the project’s website or YouTube channel. The six families, with the help of a design coach, will challenge each other’s design and home energy efficiency skills in each recorded project. The contest is styled in a traditional “reality television” format, with the lowest voted family for each challenge being eliminated from the competition. Upon completion, each room is voted on by a panel of celebrity judges to decide who moves on.


Aside from the entertainment value of Re-Energized by Design, the episodes all feature great energy savings tips that you can bring back to your own home improvement projects. Whether you are updating your lighting, bathroom, kitchen or another room in your house, this series has some great information for you. In fact, on the main episode site, you’ll see a list of great tips that correspond with the project being executed in the episode above them. It’s a fun and unique way to learn about home energy and we encourage you to follow along and get involved with the series.


If you need help with your own home improvement or efficiency projects, BelRed’s team of experienced and licensed plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians are here to help with greener solutions to your needs including:

We can also help with Energy Audits and weatherization projects including:


For an introduction to the contest and the families involved, check out the video below. Like us, we think you’ll find yourselves heading to the website to watch more episodes. Enjoy!