During the cold winter months, homeowners often become more aware of energy issues in their homes. The cold temperatures often make poorly insulated homes uncomfortable and cause people to click up the heat on their thermostat. The cold weather causes discomfort in the home, and in your wallet. Luckily, there are a number of energy savings rebate programs going on right now through local utilities, such as Puget Sound Energy.


When thinking about weatherization of your home through new or additional insulation, it’s important to keep in mind all of the different types of insulation that go into making a house comfortable and energy efficient. Proper insulation must be installed in attics, floors, walls, and even air ducts to ensure heat and energy aren’t wasted during these cold times.


Luckily, energy and insulation rebate programs like the one being offered by Puget Sound Energy cover all of these important insulation types. Through this rebate program, a homeowner can save 50% on the cost of this vital insulation in attics, floors, ceilings, walls and air ducts (up to a certain limit per purchase).


There are some eligibility guidelines that must be met for a homeowner to qualify for this instant rebate program. For example, the home must be primarily heated with natural gas or electricity from Puget Sound Energy. This particular program is also solely for homes built prior to 1990. The property must also be a single-family home with four units or less.


Certified PSE contractors, such as the professional staff here at BelRed, must also execute these insulation improvements in order for the rebate to be received. If you are interested in learning more about the PSE instant energy rebates for your much needed insulation project, please feel free to schedule a comprehensive, expert home energy assessment. All of our auditors are highly trained, experienced and BPI certified. They can tell you how to maximize your home energy improvement budgets and help bring comfort back to your home (and your wallet)!