As mentioned in our previous post, Fall is upon us and the cold winter months are just around the corner. That means now is the perfect time to prepare your house for the change in seasons to ensure your home performs to its highest level.


Plumbing is no exception to this reminder and rule. Making sure your home’s plumbing is well maintained and in top shape can save you from large, expensive repairs in the future. Now is the perfect time of year to inspect and make small fixes to any problems or potential issues with your faucets, pipes and other plumbing areas. Here are a few more tips to round out this blog series:


  • Take care of outside plumbing as necessary. If water hoses and other outside faucets aren’t properly disconnected or closed up (often closed on the interior), there could be issues with that uncommon (but very possible) hard freeze. If this isn’t dealt with before the winter season, you run the risk of not only damaging these faucets and hoses, but cracked or burst pipes that can cause major water problems inside your home as well.
  • Test your sump pump and make sure its pit is clear. Knowing your sump pump is properly working can help you rest a bit easier when it comes to plumbing mishaps. These units help protect against flooding damage in your home and even reduce the threat of mold and mildew. Making sure yours is working properly and efficiently is key during this time of year.
  • Dispose of your spooky pumpkins properly. Lastly, and for a bit of seasonal fun, it’s important that pumpkins used to decorate your home during this season are disposed of properly. It is highly recommended that pumpkin seeds and pulp are not put down the sink drain or even the disposal. Pumpkins can cause havoc for your disposal and drain because of its tough, stringy nature. Pumpkin seeds (if not made into a tasty snack) and pulp are best for either your compost or the trash.
  • When in doubt, call an expert. Plumbing is an area of home maintenance and improvement that must be taken extremely seriously. If you don’t have experience plumbing, with either small or large jobs, it’s best to have someone come in to help. A small leak or dripping faucet may be the sign of a more serious (or potential for a serious) issue. Knowledgeable experts, like the plumbing staff at BelRed can help you inspect, maintain and repair your home’s plumbing, regardless of the time of year.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this fall plumbing blog series. Again, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. We’re here to help.

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