Room too hot or too cold? Heating bills higher than they should be? If you have electric baseboard or in-wall heaters, switching to ductless mini-split heat pumps can help reduce costs and improve your heater’s efficiency. Instead of relying on ducts to deliver heat and air conditioning to different areas of your home, these bring air directly to a given area and provide higher-quality temperature control and air filtration.

Below are our reasons for why switching to a ductless Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling system may be the best option for you:

  • They’re Simple to Install: Comprising of indoor units and an outdoor unit, ductless mini-splits can be installed in as little as one day and are less invasive to the structure of the house. Only a small, three-inch hole needs to be drilled into the wall, which reduces the threat of air leakage.
  • They’re More Energy Efficient: With ducts, the average home loses 25% of potential energy to moving air throughout the duct system. Ductless models convert that energy to ensure your home is being heated and cooled to your preference. In contrast to other heaters, they have inverter-driven compressors, which means that they adjust their speed depending on what the system requires, rather than shutting off entirely and going through an energy-draining start-up process.  This also means that they have a more positive environmental impact.
  • They’re More Cost Efficient: One of the biggest reasons your utility bills may start to climb is because your heating system is inefficient. Switching to a ductless option not only results in higher efficiency, but by using the multi-split system, you can choose to only heat or cool occupied rooms. Although ductless mini-splits may be more expensive up front, their long-term savings will offset the initial cost. Homeowners might also be eligible for utility rebates and tax credits.
  • They’ll Keep Your Air Cleaner: According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, air pollution is a major environmental health risk for Americans, with the quality of indoor air often being poorer than what’s outdoors. Traditional heating and cooling systems need regular maintenance to keep the air clean, though pollutants can still be left in the atmosphere. Ductless systems provide multi-stage filtration that significantly cuts down on dirt, pollen, and molecules.

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