Congratulations to Jose Salmeron, our Job of the Week winner from the Installation Department for the installation of a new variable speed, standard efficiency furnace at the Crandall residence on Mercer Island. The Crandall’s will enjoy better efficiency, comfort and improved indoor air quality thanks to Jose’s quality installation of their new furnace!

The return and supply plenums on the old furnace had significant air leaks, leading to lower efficiency, and reduced indoor air quality. The old supply plenum had significant air leaks, and damage to the liner.

Old furnaceair leaks in supply plenum

A new, fully sealed, supply plenum/base can was installed, with all new liner to ensure better airflow, efficiency, and improved indoor air quality. The new variable speed, standard efficiency furnace was installed with an easy-to-us filter access door, fully sealed new base, and sealed return and supply plenums for improved comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality.

sealed supply plenumnew variable speed standard efficiency furnace

Congratulations to Jose for a job well done. For more information on the difference a quality installation can make, check out this helpful information on Heating and Cooling andBelRed’s Guaranteed Solutions.