As an everyday homeowner, it’s not always easy to know what upgrades or improvements to your home will provide the most value for your dollar. We’re constantly faced with potential repairs, replacements and installations that can increase the overall performance of our home. We see advertisements or talk to others about great ways to save money and energy, but it’s sometimes hard to pull the trigger on making these changes. Part of the reason being it’s hard to know what should come first and what can potentially wait until later.

As we’ve mentioned before on the blog, it’s always a good idea to seek the professional opinion of a qualified home contractor. A home energy assessment can help address the issue of homeowner confusion and lead you in the right direction when it comes to making these upgrades to your home. There are, however, a few ways you can get started on this research process yourself. Here are a few home energy tools and resources that can help you start the conversation:

Repair vs. Replace Calculator – Are you better off repairing an old, failing home energy system or is it a better choice to do a full replacement? This can be a tricky question to answer for a typical homeowner. It’s always hard to make the leap to a full replacement when you always have the hope that a quick repair of fix will do the trick. However, despite the dreaded initial investment, taking that leap can save you big over time. A replacement can help you avoid future repairs and will probably provide a more sophisticated, energy-efficient system. This calculator can help you start the conversation of whether a repair will do the trick or if a full replacement would be a better value.

Furnace Savings Calculator – Knowing how much energy your current furnace or other heating and cooling system uses is the best way to determine whether or not an upgrade would be you the ultimate value for your home. This furnace savings calculator can give you an idea of exactly how much energy and money you could be saving with a more efficient unit. It takes into account the age of your current furnace, your average fuel cost on a month-over-month basis and your desired indoor temperature.

Home Efficiency Upgrade Monthly Investment Calculator – This calculator is the perfect follow up to a home energy investment post we recently posted to the home energy blog. Many home efficiency upgrades and installations can bring a lot of additional value and energy savings to your home. Making this investment is not only a way to bring more comfort to your home, but often a great financial decision for your family. This calculator helps lay out the monthly investment for larger projects so you can know what to expect prior to making these upgrades.

Energy Efficiency Incentives and Rebates – Not only can energy upgrades help you save money over time, they can bring you great tax incentives in the short term. This link provides a great overview or energy efficiency upgrade tax incentives and rebates. Knowing when and where you can save money on these investments can help greatly in the decision making process.

As always, the qualified and knowledgeable staff at BelRed is here to help with these and any other home energy questions you may have. These tools are great places to get your decision making process started, but a conversation with our team can help you along the path the energy and money saving success!

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