It’s that time of year again. Time to get our kids dressed up for school parties, community gatherings and, of course, trick or treating on Halloween night. Their excitement can be clearly felt and seen. It can be an extremely fun night for all involved. Unfortunately, Halloween night can also pose some dangers to children. We thought we’d share a few Halloween safety tips to keep in mind when taking your kids around town or welcoming trick-or-treaters this week.

·      Remember walking safety. With many more walkers than the typical night, it’s important to remember standard walking safety tips for Halloween night. Chances are it will also be dark when you and your kids go around town to collect your treats, so it’s even more important to obey safety tips and laws when walking. It’s always a good idea to keep your walking routes to streets with sidewalks away from the road. Always carry a flashlight (or multiple flashlights if you’re in a larger group), as it can be very hard for drivers to see children, especially when they are in costumes.

·      Keep costumes safe. As mentioned above, costumes can actually add to safety issues for children walking the streets. When possible, avoid large or elaborate masks that obstruct the views of your children. Have your children carry bags with reflective tape or stickers so drivers can clearly see them walking. It’s also important to make sure costumes are not way too large for your children. Oversized costumes can lead to tripping or falling.

·      Drive carefully on Halloween night. Regardless of whether or not you have kids, it’s extremely important to be mindful of trick-or-treaters on Halloween. If you find yourself driving through a residential area, especially between the popular Halloween times of 5:30pm to 9:30pm, drive extremely slowly. Given their excitement, children often ignore traffic patterns or walking safety and could try to dart across the street when going from house to house. Be sure to also exit and enter driveways very slowly and carefully, as children may not be aware to notice your care when they are walking through.

·      Prepare your home for trick-or-treaters. Properly preparing your home for Halloween visitors can help prevent accidents or injuries. Remove all objects or obstructions in your lawn or walkways that may be tripping hazards for children. Be sure to check outdoor lights to make sure they are all working so paths are clearly lit for children.

Whether going out around town with your kids or staying in to hand out candy, there are many other tips to keep in mind this Thursday night. Review all of these with your children before heading out for you Halloween night. Be safe, and HAVE FUN!

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