Spring is right around the corner, which is welcome news for most. More sun, warmer temperatures, longer days. However, for some, Spring signals a time for outdoor allergies. If the air inside your home isn’t kept clean, it can seem like you just can’t escape air full of allergens regardless of where you go—inside or out.

While those of us affected by allergies in the Spring can’t count on controlling Mother Nature, we fortunately can take steps to reduce the amount of allergens in our home. Below, we’ve listed a few ways to do jus that:

  • Install air filtration equipment for the cleanest air possible. As we mentioned in a recent post on the blog, sometimes you need a little assistance when it comes to keeping your air completely clean. There is some amazing equipment that we offer and install to help you do just that, including the CleanEffects™ whole-home filtration system. These machines work wonders and can remove harmful elements from the air inside your home.
  • Switch to hardwoods or tile. If you have carpet in your home, you already know how difficult it is to keep clean. The truth is, it may be next to impossible to do so. There’s a lot of dust and dirt that gets trapped in carpeting, especially if it’s longer in nature. This means a lot of the issues causing your allergies to worsen may be starting at the ground level—literally. Replacing your carpet with hardwood or tile may be a huge step to keeping your floors clean and reducing your indoor allergens.
  • It’s time to de-clutter. Many homeowners fully admit to it—they have too much stuff lying around the house. This clutter can be a big contributor to low quality air in your home. Having lots of cluttered items that haven’t moved in months (or worse) can lead to dust and dirt building up. If you can’t get rid of the items, store them in properly sealed containers. Clutter that does remain should be dusted and/or deep cleaned regularly, just like anything else in the home.
  • Wash your curtains and blinds. Any type of cloth or fabric material inside the home is a goldmine for dust and allergens. They cling to anything they can, causing big problems for your lungs if you’re sensitive to them. Spring is the perfect time to launder all of these “secondary” fabric items in your home to limit the amount of harmful particles that can get into your home’s air.
  • Bath time for your pets. While most of us are pet lovers, they can be big culprits of dirty homes and allergen filled inside air. Especially during the wet, muddy Spring, animals get dirty very, very easily. Cleaning your pets once a week, or even once every few weeks, can reduce the possibility of them carrying dirty particles into your home, onto your furniture and rugs, and eventually into the air inside your home. Giving your pets a bath isn’t just for them—in fact it’s mostly for you. Your lungs will thank you.

At BelRed, we even offer complete indoor air testing with Air Advice™, so you can know exactly where your indoor air quality stands. Contact us today to set up an appointment. It’s true there are many steps you can take, like some of those above, to improve your indoor air quality. However, there are just some allergens and homes that are too tricky to handle for those with bad allergies. We can help make sure the air inside your home is clean, fresh and easy to breathe.

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