Did you know the amount of heat that escapes the average home is equivalent to leaving a window open every day for one year? Often due to poor sealing and insulation, this lost heat can cause your heating or cooling bill to skyrocket. Proper sealing and insulation protect against leaks both in and out, optimizing your home’s efficiency, comfort, and air quality. Below are some of the main reasons we recommend sealing and insulating your home:

  1. Save Money and Energy
    Many homes are guilty of a large number of air leaks. As heating and cooling comprise the majority of your utility bills, poor insulation is going to force that number up significantly as your heater works harder to make up for the wasted warmth. Most heat is lost through poorly insulated walls, roofs and attics, and windows and doors, with a small percentage leaking through floors. Experts estimate that insulating only the walls can limit heat loss by up to 2/3, with financial savings up to 40% should the entire home be properly insulated and sealed.
  2. Increase Comfort
    It shouldn’t be a surprise that the better insulated your home, the more comfortable you’ll be. Not only will they aid with temperature, but insulation and sealing can reduce external noise pollution and improve humidity and moisture control.
  3. Protect Your Home
    While taking some of the workload off of your heater or air conditioner can help extend its lifespan, insulation and sealing can also protect your house. You can keep insects, pests, dust, pollen and other pollutants from entering your home. Mold and mildew will be minimized, improving air quality and reducing the risk of allergies.
  4. Reduce Your Environmental Footprint
    Insulating your home is one of the best ways to conserve energy, more so than turning off lights, unplugging appliances or switching to efficient light bulbs. Not only will you use less energy for heating and cooling, but fewer chemicals will be released by air conditioning units.

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