If you are thinking about getting a generator after the recent power outages, you have a lot of choices to make:

  • Portable?
  • Permanent Stand-By?
  • Gas, Natural Gas or Propane?
  • How many kW (kilowatts)?
  • What Brand is Best?
  • Etc.

We’ve placed some short videos from Kohler and home improvement expert Ed Del Grande on our YouTube Channel. These videos provide helpful information on generators, so you can decide what kind of generator is right for you. These videos explain the pros and cons or portable and stand-by generators, explain how they work, and provide some basic information on what features to look for in a quality generator.

Once you’ve decided to move forward, BelRed has a generator to meet your needs, whether you just want to power a few essentials or your entire home. These generators are among the most reliable, clean, and quiet units available, and feature:

  • Fast, constant backup power, without having to transport and fill gas cans
  • Noise levels at or below 65 dB (about the same as an idling car)
  • True digital power supply for worry-free protection of even the most sophisticated home appliances and electronics
  • Automated exercise cycles to maintain peak performance
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • A wide range of sizes to meet your home’s needs

Our generators can run on natural gas or propane, based on availability at your home. Contact BelRed today to arrange a free in-home consultation for a standby generator.