When it comes to heating topics on this blog, we’ve written quite a bit about furnace maintenance repair and heat pumps—both specialties of BelRed and our talented and knowledgeable staff. You might be wondering, “Do they do installation, maintenance, and repairs on boiler systems?” There’s an easy answer to that—of course!

Boilers, which use hydronic heating to perform the same types of home heating functions you’d get from a more common furnace or heat pump system. The typical boiler heating systems heats water to high temperatures, then uses that heat energy to push warm air throughout the house. Multiple forms of energy, including gas, electricity or oil can be used to power these types of heating systems.

BelRed’s staff of licensed plumbers and HVAC technicians are highly trained to handle both common and uncommon problems with these systems. We service most boiler brands, including Buderus, Baxi, Raypak, Weil–McLain, Peerless, Lars, Burnham, Utica, Dunkirk, Lochnivar, and many more.

While we offer full repair and replacement at BelRed, we also take care of associated zoning issues, radiator repairs and installation, gas piping issues or installation, and chimney liner remediation and relining. Our staff is trained to handle all of these boiler related issues with care and safety in mind.

Like furnaces, boilers should have annual maintenance and inspections in order to extend their lives and ensure they are working as properly and efficiently as possible. We offer comprehensive 17-point inspection for our boiler customers, which includes:

                  Burner cleaning (for both safety and efficiency)

                  Leak inspection

                  Inspection of electrical connections with the boiler system

                  Inspection of all boiler controls

                  Check and adjust PRV / pressure check valve operation

We also make sure any maintenance or repairs are going to help maximize the life of your boiler with proactive inspections and a full system analysis. These precautionary steps will help prevent inconvenient breakdowns and help uphold the manufacturer’s warranty on these systems.

As with any type of major home heating systems, safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to maintenance, repair or replacement of a boiler. Boilers involve high pressure and temperatures and can present many dangers if not cared for properly during maintenance or repair.

If you have a boiler that needs repair, is on its last leg, or looking for the installation of a new boiler system, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Regardless of your boiler needs, we’re here to guide you down the path to peak boiler performance.

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