While we talk a lot about the work we do here at BelRed from a home energy, performance, comfort and plumbing standpoint, we think it’s also important to mention some of the work BelRed does to help in our community. We understand that a strong community is made up of both caring individuals and responsible businesses. We do whatever we can to apply this way of thinking to our everyday work. When we can help those a bit less fortunate, we feel a responsibility to do so.

We like to think we have a hand in moving our region forward in terms of energy efficiency and policy, but we also like to have a direct impact in other areas. From corporate partnerships and giving programs, to the volunteer efforts of our team members in the community, BelRed and our people are committed to doing our part to make the Pacific Northwest a better place to live and work.

One example of this is the Feeding Hope program we have at BelRed. We partner with local food banks affiliated with Food Lifeline to help provide some assistance to those who are hungry in our community. For every donation of a non-perishable food item from our customers, BelRed will donate $1 to local food banks.

Food Lifeline is Washington’s largest hunger relief agency, distributing food to more than a half million people at 300 neighborhood food banks, shelters and hot meal programs throughout western Washington. 38% of these people are children and 13% are seniors. One of the reasons we support this worthy cause is because of the efficiency of their operation:

  • Only 5% of every financial donation to Food Lifeline is used for administrative costs
  • For every $1 donated, Food Lifeline provides 5 meals to hungry people
  • Many of their programs are unique to the Pacific Northwest, and include relationships with farmers, grocers and restaurants

We’re proud to be partners with an organization that is so effective at helping people in the communities we serve. To learn how you can make a donation of non-perishable food items today, and have us match your donation with a $1 cash contribution, contact us at this link. With your help, we can make the lives of those who are struggling with hunger a little bit better, and make a real difference to people who need help in these tough times.

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