Today and tomorrow (October 1st and 2nd), I will be in Austin, Texas attending the 2013 ACCA Building Performance Forum. I am also honored to share that I will be a featured presenter at this year’s show along with many of the industry’s brightest and most knowledgeable individuals.

The ACCA Building Performance brings together some of the top minds from the HVAC and building performance fields for comprehensive industry discussions and presentations. The conference includes detailed educational sessions on a wide array of topics – from understanding airflow measurements to tips on changing from an HVAC contractor to a building performance contractor. The overall goal of the conference is to allow attendees to learn the best ways to collectively maximize the true potential of the HVAC industry. The conference includes general sessions and presentations as well as continuing education units, during which attendees can gain NATE and BPI certification credits.

This morning, I was fortunate enough to take the stage as a featured presenter during the conference’s first day. My presentation – Mining for Gold – How to Develop Home Performance Leads from HVAC Customers – covered a number of different lead generation tips and topics as they pertain to our industry. As contractors, we often realize that getting leads can sometimes be a somewhat difficult thing. But, many times the leads are right under our noses – we just have to recognize and develop them. Even in a market with historically week home performance incentives, such as ours, much of the business we get doesn’t come from government or utility based programs. We have to build most of our business and customer relationships from the ground up.

The session also covered cost-effective ways to develop a lead once a contractor has obtained it using some helpful tips and resources at our disposal. A portion of the presentation also talked about using data-mining as an effective way to find and develop leads for HVAC and building performance work. A few general, and perhaps more common, communication skills were also touched on, such as key phone and in-person techniques to turn your leads into real customers. If you’re interested in seeing materials from my presentation, you can visit the session’s site and “Learning Lab” handouts.

Overall, the conference is a great way for contractors and professionals to come together to further our industry’s development and potential. We live in a time of great technology and advancements when it comes to HVAC and building performance. By coming together to have important discussions and sessions, we can collectively ensure our customers in different areas of the country and globe can receive the best products and services they possibly can.

For more materials and resources from the show, you can visit the schedule page here.

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