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While installing new high-efficiency and standard-efficiency furnaces can drastically improve your home’s temperature regulation, built-in modern technology can escalate comfort and efficiency. Variable speed fans and multi-stage heating components can optimize your home environment and bring you increased savings.

Single Stage Furnaces

Picture someone on a treadmill. Now picture that person going from a standstill to a full sprint at every work out. This is how a single stage furance operates; there’s an “off” speed and then an “on” speed. They only have one stage of heat output – high. Single stage furnaces make sense for temperate climates or for folks on a tight budget.

Two Stage Furnaces

These furnaces operate much more efficiently. The first stage operates the majority of the time in most climates running at about 65%. When the temperature outside becomes extremely cold and the first stage is not sufficient enough, two stage furnaces kick it up for additional heat. Like finishing strong during a workout. They run quieter and don’t operate at full-blast constantly.

Modulating Furnaces

As the name suggests, the fan motor in these furnaces moves at different speeds to control the amount of heated air dispersed throughout the home as needed. Much like the effort needed for walking on a level surface, then up an incline, then up a hill and back down. Or any variation. So even when the furnace is not “on,” the motor in a modulating furnace circulates air throughout the home. The result? More comfort, less energy consumption and lower utility bills every month.


These modern, high-tech systems can solve many comfort problems in your home, and can save you money. But for them to work properly, it is critical that the duct system be evaluated for proper airflow and potential leaks — areas where BelRed excels. Contact BelRed today to see if these solutions are right for you.