BS 45 60k generator
A system to meet your needs.

Losing power for any length of time may not just be a nuisance, it can be a real problem:

  • Furnaces can’t heat your home
  • Food spoils in warm refrigerators and freezers
  • Cordless phones stop working, and cell phones lose their charge
  • Homes become dark and dangerous
  • Medical equipment may not function
  • Hot water can become a lost luxury and cooking may be impossible

Beyond this, home offices are shuttered, reducing income, sleep is lost, and incidents of illness, injury, theft and vandalism may increase.

BelRed can provide you with peace of mind by installing a new standby generator. We have a system to meet your needs, whether you just want to power a few essentials or your entire home.

These standby generator solutions are among the most reliable, clean, and quiet units available, and feature:

  • Fast, constant backup power, without having to transport and fill gas cans
  • Noise levels at or below 65 dB (about the same as an idling car)
  • True digital power supply for worry-free protection of even the most sophisticated home appliances and electronics
  • Automated exercise cycles to maintain peak performance
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • A wide range of sizes to meet your home’s needs

Our standby generators can run on natural gas or propane, based on availability at your home. Call BelRed today to arrange a free in-home consultation for a standby generator.

As with our comfort systems, we can also provide required maintenance and service for your new generator, giving you peace of mind that the next time the wind blows, your power won’t go out.