How many power outages and surges have you experienced living in the Pacific Northwest? It’s not at all uncommon for forces beyond our control to take out power or create momentary surges. Fortunately there is one force within your control to protect your home electronics and appliances from surge damage: a whole house surge protector. 

A whole house surge protector prevents your appliances and electronics from being damaged and protects your home’s whole electrical system in a surge event.

To better understand power surges, wall sockets in the U.S. provide 120 volts of electricity. Correspondingly, appliances are engineered to work at an input voltage of 110-120V. A power surge occurs when events such as large home appliance on-and-off cycles, lightning, power grid factors, or power outages (common in our region’s winter season) cause a sudden spike in the supply of electricity in the system. This spike increases the current flowing to wall sockets and into devices with voltages that far exceed the normal threshold.

Modern devices with control boards and sensitive electronics are most vulnerable to surges. Massive power surges can lead to overheating and fire, and even small surges cause problems because repeated occurrences steadily wear down the circuitry in your appliances, affect their integrity, and shorten their lifespans.

A surge protector in general eliminates overvoltage by diverting it to the ground wire and by dissipating and absorbing heat energy. Not all power surge protectors are alike, and that’s why a whole house surge protector in particular is so critical. With this device, when transient surges happen on a dedicated circuit, the surge will be sent back to the breaker panel and stopped, sparing all of the other electrical devices in the home. It also protects all of your outlets. BelRed’s electrical team is ready to help you equip your home the ultimate in whole house surge protection.

Are you ready to protect your home from unwanted power surges? BelRed can help you make an informed decision about which device makes the best sense for your household. Give BelRed Energy Solutions a call. Take charge and preserve your home appliances and electronics today.