The Bennets, residents of Sammamish, WA, were experiencing some problems with their old furnace and heating system. They were also noticing some low indoor air quality, so they knew the time was right to call in a few members of the BelRed team. The result – a brand new Trane XC95m furnace that will bring them improved comfort, efficiency and higher indoor air quality for years to come.

furnace before/after

This top of the line furnace model brings extremely high energy efficiency to the home. The fully modulated heating model registers up to 97.3% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). Due to its high efficiency ratings, this Trane furnace model is also eligible for up to $250 in rebates. The variable speed fan also ensures excellent comfort within the home.

The new Trane furnace, along with a BelRed professional installation, will take care of a number of lingering issues the Bennets were experiencing. Their old furnace had cracked heat exchangers, which can be extremely dangerous. Cracked exchanges can lead to a higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In addition, the installation team also rebuilt the furnace plenums because of their poor original design. This poor designed included square to round transitions, which restricted airflow in the heating system. The installers noticed the insulation around the round duct was black, which indicates significant air leaks and leads to a great deal of lost efficiency. In fact, much of the hot air being produced within the Bennets’ old heating system was never reaching the main rooms of their house. With the rebuilt plenums and upgraded system, the house will experience much higher efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality.

furnace plenums before/after

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