The Zamoras of Bellevue, WA had an old furnace that needed excessive repairs. Rather than go through the costly repairs and keep the old system, they decided to replace it altogether with the help of our BelRed installation team.  The Zamoras decided to install an extremely efficient hybrid system—a combination of a high efficiency gas furnace and an energy efficient heat pump.

The gas furnace installed was a Rheem Classic Series high efficiency furnace. The Classic Series from Rheem is one of the higher rated AFUE gas furnaces offered. This 2-stage, variable speed gas furnace provides exceptional comfort and temperature management for the home. It also has a variable speed blower that will result in gently mixed air in the home for balanced and even temperatures in all rooms.

Old and new furnace

The Rheem Classic Series gas furnace was paired with a Rheem Classic Series heat pump—increasing the overall efficiency of the new heating system. This particular heat pump has efficiencies up to 15 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).  The Zamoras can also now expect added comfort during the upcoming summer months with the air conditioning this system brings—something they did not have before. This model also features an attractive low profile design with a wrap-around jacket that protects the coil from yard hazards or extreme weather conditions. The Zamoras also decided to improve the air filtration in their home and had a Honeywell F300 electronic air cleaner installed along with the new heating system.


New Rheem heat pump


As part of the thorough and professional BelRed installation, the equipment was properly sized, and the ductwork tested for leaks. The old metal venting was replaced with PVC venting to draw in combustion air from the outside of the Zamoras’ home. New plenums and duct transitions were also installed to help ensure maximum comfort and efficiency for their new system. Finally, an earthquake shutoff valve was installed for safety and code purposes, which will help protect their home from fires or explosions in the event of an earthquake or gas leak.


New PVC venting

If you’re interested in similar upgrades, please contact us today. We’d love to make a recommendation and assist in your decision to ensure your heating and cooling system is efficient and ensure comfort in your home all year round.

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  1. Hey, I am wondering if I should replace my rheem heat pump, but I don’t know how to judge if I need to or not, can any of you help me out? Thanks!

  2. There are several reasons to consider replacement including energy efficiency (newer models can be 30% more efficient than models made just a few years ago), poor performance or reliability issues, noise concerns, excessive repairs, etc. without knowing the specifics of your situation, it is hard to advise you. to schedule an in-depth, no obligation consultation, email us at

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