For a more comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient home, an inverted/modulated (also called variable speed) heat pump might be the best choice.

In milder climates such as the Pacific Northwest, a heat pump can provide the primary source of heating for the home in the winter, and will keep a home cool and comfortable all summer long. The inverted or modulated HVAC system has a variable speed fan that will gently circulate air for more even temperatures throughout the home, and it runs continuously in order to constantly and evenly regulate your home comfort.

Not all heat pumps are the same. A fixed-output unit cycles between on and off; running at maximum capacity puts can strain the heat pump unit as well as the electrical supply network as it draws a surge to power on. This on/off cycling also takes place multiple times a day, whereas an inverted unit utilizes compressors that lack that spike during a start cycle. The modulating heat pump starts with a zero-amp starting current and continues to build until it reaches the capacity needed to meet the home’s comfort. This places both the heat pump unit and the electrical supply under less stress.

An inverter heat pump will continuously modulate its output in the background to provide a consistent temperature. It reacts to changes in heat demand to make sure the fluctuation in temperature is kept to a minimum. A fixed-output heat pump system, conversely, continuously cycles often between maximum capacity and zero to achieve the right temperature balance.

Consider modulated/variable speed heat pumps for the benefits they bring. These more advanced models can cost more upfront, but ultimately cost less to operate—saving up to (sometimes more than) 30% on your energy bills. The ability of the heat pumps to operate with the variable speed compressor makes it work more efficiently, consume less energy (working with less stress) and provide greater comfort.

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