A ground fault occurs when electricity escapes from its wiring in an appliance, light fixture, or power tool and hops a shortcut to the ground. If that shortcut runs through a human, the results can be deadly. About 200 people in the U.S. alone die of ground faults each year, accounting for two-thirds of all electrocutions occurring in homes.

That’s where the ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) come in because they can help prevent electrocution. GFCIs are generally installed where electrical circuits might accidentally come into contact with water. GFCIs are commonly found in kitchens, bath and laundry rooms, or in the garage where electric power tools might be used. Invented in 1961 by Charles Dalziel, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of California, this device recognizes electrical flow differences that exceed 5 milliamps (an indication that a ground fault may be occurring) and shuts down the current in as little as .025 second.

Even if your house has GFCIs in all the appropriate places, it’s still a worthwhile exercise to test them regularly; lightning and other power surges can damage a GFCIs delicate circuitry at any time. BelRed Energy Solutions will help you inspect the integrity of your GFCIs and all your household electrical needs. Some extremely vintage homes or those purchased “as is” may leave some new homeowners wondering about the quality (or existence) of the GFCIs in their residences. Remodels of bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and any indoor areas near water call for GFCIs, and having qualified and licensed electricians on the job will ensure they’re installed safely and properly.  BelRed is ready to help.

Although their function is simple GFCIs are life-saving tools that can prevent serious or even fatal injuries from electrical shock. Keep your household safe from potentially hazardous situations. Give BelRed Energy Solutions a call to learn more about your home’s electrical integrity.