The air conditioner is a split system with an outdoor section that houses the compressor and condenser coil, and installed with the indoor furnace is an evaporator coil. The evaporator coil removes heat from the indoor air and the condenser coil rejects that heat outdoors. Both coils need to be clean in order to efficiently transfer the heat and keep your home cool.

As the outdoor unit pulls air through the condenser coil, it also pulls in dirt, cottonwood seeds, pollen and whatever else is in the air. While the air outdoors is certainly circulating, it is not necessarily fresh and clean. Many people suffer from environmental allergies for a reason. There are springtime days where cottonseed is so visible in the Pacific Northwest that it resembles snow flurries. As the condenser coil gets dirty, it loses some of its ability to transfer heat. If your outdoor unit is clogged and airflow impeded, it will take a lot longer for it to release the heat. This results in higher energy bills and a reduced capacity for cooling. Bottom line: You are paying more and getting less.

A dirty coil can reduce its capacity to cool down your home by up to 30 percent. Proper air conditioning service and cleaning of the coil by a qualified HVAC technician will maximize the ability of your air conditioner to cool your home with less energy. All of your mechanical equipment should have regular maintenance to ensure optimum efficiency. BelRed Energy Solutions recommends annual HVAC maintenance to sustain the highest energy savings and comfort. Doing a yearly tune-up will also prolong the life of your equipment and prevent costly, unnecessary air conditioning repairs.

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