It’s that time of year—time to check off the last remaining items off your holiday shopping list. It can be a struggle finding all of the gifts in stores or online once you know what to buy. You also may be having a hard time figuring out what to put on your holiday gift list in the first place. One thing that probably hasn’t crossed your mind when doing your holiday shopping is the impact your gifts can have on energy consumption and savings for those on your list.


One major holiday gift category is electronics. Whether it’s a new television or the latest smartphone, electronics seem to be on many wish lists this time of year. When shopping around for electronics this season, it may be a good idea to think about the energy these technologies are using. Chances are good that these electronics will be used extremely often by that loved one on your holiday gift list, so energy consumption can and should be something to think about.


Many electronics, from tvs to computers to appliances to game consoles are certified as Energy Star products, meaning they are extremely efficient when it comes to energy usage. Not only will this save energy, but it can also save money for the individual for whom you bought the gift. On average, Energy Start-certified products can yield lifetime energy cost savings of over $200.


In addition to the electronics, you may want to think about gifting an accompanying advanced power strip or rechargeable batteries to make that new toy or electronic even more efficient. Electronics, appliances and other devices that remain plugged in throughout the day waste a great deal of energy in the common home. An advanced power strip can help ensure no energy is wasted when the electronic isn’t turned on and in use.  In fact, these “phantom loads” cost consumers more than $3 billion per year in the United States alone. Rechargeable batteries with Energy Star charges can also provide great energy savings for these highly used products. It’s estimated that energy-efficient battery chargers like those certified by Energy Star could save more than $170 million annually.


There are also some other great gift ideas that can lead your loved ones down the path to energy savings and efficiency. Perhaps you have someone on their list that hasn’t replaced their old light bulbs with newer, more efficient light bulbs? A few energy efficient bulbs thrown into someone’s holiday stocking can go a long way toward showing them how simple these types of changes can be. After they see the decrease in their electricity bill and realize how long these bulbs last, they’ll surely be thanking you for pointing them in the right energy savings direction.


Holiday gift giving can be a fun time for all. It’s a time to think about those you love and get something that may make their day a little brighter. More and more, people are being conscious as to what they are purchasing for these gifts. Energy mindfulness should be no exception. Before you buy this holiday season, we encourage you to keep energy savings and impact in mind!