Presenting to several “Gateway to Technology” classes at North Lake Middle School in Lake Stevens yesterday, Adam Gloss, Vice President of BelRed Energy Solutions, was struck by how engaged the students were.

“These young people really grasped the impact of home energy use on their families, and on society as a whole, and were excited by the tools and technology that we use to solve problems in people’s homes”, said Gloss.

Adam Gloss made this presentation at the request of their teacher, providing the students with on overview of:

  • Why home energy efficiency matters
  • How efficiency, health, and safety can be impacted by home design and upgrades
  • Products and equipment to improve energy efficiency
  • Demonstration of tools and techniques used to identify problems in homes
  • “Green Collar” jobs available in the HVAC industry

Many students had examples of efficiency measures taken in their own homes, and were excited by the technology demonstrated in their classroom.

“We offer a lot of solutions to homeowners, and as our field grows, it is imperative that young people understand the rewarding career opportunity that we can provide. We are already involved with several technical colleges in the area, but getting to talk to kids as they are just beginning to explore career possibilities was an exceptional opportunity for us; And from the reaction they provided, it seemed just as valuable to them as well”, said Gloss.