Congratulations to Brandon Richer and Braxton Tacbian, our installation of the week winners for April 30th. Brandon and Braxton replaced the hot water heater at the Molloy residence in Redmond with a high efficiency tankless water heater, capable of delivering endless hot water.

The conventional hot water tank at the Molloy residence was over 17 years old, and was falling apart and needed to be replaced.

hot water tank

The Molloy’s chose a Rinnai tankless water heater. Since these systems only heat the water you use (not the water they store), they use much less gas than conventional water heaters do. they also take up less space, and never run out of hot water.

Rinnai Tankless Water heater

Requiring more gas capacity than a standard tank, service and meter capacity were verified with the utility, and a new gas line was run. The new double-walled venting was installed using the chase from the old water heater’s vent so no new roof penetration was needed. The water lines were rebuilt and insulated and the mounting plate was covered in sheet metal to give it a clean look. All of this took a little longer, but it ensured the installation was done right – the first time.
roof vent