As part of our commitment to bring our customers the most innovative products available, Bel-Red Heating & AC, Inc. is pleased to now offer our customers heating and cooling products from York and LG, in addition to our long-time lines from Trane and Mitsubishi.

We were really impressed with the technology that York is building into their furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners. York manufactures a line of high-efficiency furnaces that all quality for the current Federal Energy Tax Credit, and most utility rebates. They also feature a modulating gas valve system that constantly monitors the heating needs of your home, and maintains more even, consistent temperatures by producing only as much heat as you need, as you need it. Their Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners provide very high efficiency levels as well, and utlilize the newest micro-channel coil technology to reduce equipment size.

LG (known for everything from refrigerators to flat-screen TV’s) is also the world’s largest AC manufacturer (in units). Their mini-split heat-pumps and air conditioners provide an attractive, quiet, and efficient way to address problem areas in homes, where specific rooms are too hot or too cold. They are also a great way to heat or cool the main area of your home, reducing the need for expensive baseboard or electric resistance heat in all-electric homes.

Ultimately, the addition of these products ensures that we can continue to offer you a choice of products to meet your specific needs and your application, from the best manufacturers around.