Programmable thermostats were supposed to offer homeowners up to 30% energy savings compared to traditional thermostats, a goal that has never been reached. Why? The simple answer is that most are too complicated to program, so homeowners use them much like they did their old, non-programmable thermostats. They are either on or off, and they use the up, down, and hold buttons.

Ecobee has introduced a home comfort control that has been designed to eliminate this problem, and to solve many others. This control features a full-color touch screen, with icon based controls similar to those found on GPS systems and I-Phones. (In fact, there is an I-Phone app for the Ecobee!) Aside from this user-friendly interface, there are wizards that make programming simple. In fact, Ecobee owners are up to 4x more likely to use the available programming in this control than the average thermostat. This makes those 30% energy savings a reality!

The Ecobee control also connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and a simple registration process. This allows users to access their home’s comfort controls remotely, to notify their service provider of problems with their system, and get information to make improved energy use decisions such as energy use comparisons and 5-day weather forecasts. This control will also be able to communicate with the smart-meters required for the smart-grid of the future.

The future of home energy management is here today with Ecobee. Click on the links below to learn more, or call today to schedule a consultation, and to learn what this home comfort control can do for you.

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