Congratulations to Brandon Richer and Justin Barnes, winners of our Install Job of the Week for November 26, 2011. Brandon and Justin installed a Trane High efficiency, variable speed gas furnace and whole home electronic air cleaner at the Minkin residence in Kirkland, WA.

The Minkin’s old furnace had cracked heat exchangers, a dangerous problem that can allow carbon monoxide to enter the air in the home, along with a loud inducer motor, due to bearings that were failing.

Old standard efficiency furnace

Brandon and Justin installed a new, high efficiency furnace and whole house filtration system. the new furnace operates at over 95% efficiency, which will dramatically reduce the Minkin’s heating bills. The variable speed fan on the new furnace will also reduce electricity use, and will provide better air circulation for more even temperatures in their home. When used with the new electronic air cleaner, it will also work to clean the air in their entire home.

High efficiency furnace and air filter

Brandon and Justin installed a new PVC vent system to replace the old metal venting, as required with high efficiency furnaces. They also ran a new insulated drain line to ensure removal of condensation from the system. They covered exposed areas from behind old drywall with sheet metal for a clean and finished look. Finally, they sealed the return and supply plenums to ensure maximum delivered efficiency, clean air and comfort.