Congratulations to Ransom Honeycutt and Josh Talik – our winners of the Installation Job of the Week for 9/25/11. Ransom and Josh replaced an old gas furnace and  water heater with multiple code violations to a new system, complete with high efficiency whole house filtration at the Johnson residence in Carnation, WA. We also installed a new mixing valve and recirculating pump on the water heater to extend hot water output and provide fast hot water to even the furthest outlets in the house.

The existing furnace had a register in the garage (a code violation). You can see the black areas on the insulation where dirt was drawn from the garage into the duct. The existing water heater did not have any earthquake straps, or an expansion tank, and did not meet code.

Electric furnace and gas water heater with code violations

A new hot water tank, with proper earthquake strapping and an expansion tank was installed. A thermostatic mixing valve was installed to help increase hot water output and ensure safety. A recirculating pump was also added to reduce wait time for hot water to reach even the furthest outlet in the house.

New hot water tank with mixing valve and recirculating pump

A new 2-stage, variable speed gas furnace was installed to improve comfort. A new vent for the gas furnace was installed through the ceiling and roof, and the illegal register in the garage was removed. A CleanEffects whole house air filtration system was installed, providing the most effective air filtration available. The return and supply plenums were also sealed to prevent infiltration of garage air into the duct system, and to improve air distribution and comfort.

New 2-stage variable speed furnace with whole house air filtration

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