As a homeowner, you know that home repairs and maintenance are inevitable. From replacing air filters to repairing noisy air conditioning systems, the restorations may seem never-ending, and while DIY-ers may want to roll up their sleeves and get to work on these projects, in most cases, calling a licensed HVAC technician is the best solution. At-home repairs or those done by an unlicensed technician can end up costing a lot more money and frustrations in the long run and these repairs are important – after all, the safety and comfort of your home depend on it!

When your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system needs to be serviced, be sure to hire a licensed professional who will be able to offer safe, long-term solutions rather than temporary fixes. Hiring an unlicensed, inexperienced company or attempting to solve the problem yourself will not only affect the quality of your repair, it can also create a dangerous situation for everyone in your home. Here are a few more reasons to call the professionals at BelRed next time you have an HVAC maintenance need:

  • Licensed HVAC technicians must undergo examinations that test their education, skill and compliance with OSHA laws and regulations.
  • Licensed professionals will always demonstrate a proper inspection of your HVAC system before beginning repairs and utilize the correct equipment and materials.
  • Unlicensed contractors that attempt residential repairs and maintenance are breaking the law. If unlicensed contractors fail to provide proper certification, there’s little chance that they will follow or comply with any other laws and regulations.
  • As an extra security, licensed technicians purchase bonds as an insurance to the consumer for any damages that may occur in the process of important home repairs and maintenance.
  • Usually, licensed contractors are required to have Worker’s Compensation Insurance. However, this is not the case for an unlicensed contractor and that means any harm that may come to workers while on your property become your responsibility.

Understanding the importance of proper maintenance and repair is crucial to maintaining a safe home. If your home’s heating and cooling system is in need of professional maintenance or repair, we invite you to contact a licensed HVAC technician at BelRed today!