Congratulations to Lyle Gardner, Brandon Richer and Braxton Tacbian, who installed Belred Energy Solutions’ Installation of the Week for the week of April 2nd. Lyle, Brandon and Braxton installed a Trane XL16i Heat Pump and XV95 Gas Furnace at the Hoffman residence in Yarrow Point. This high efficiency hybrid heating and cooling system will dramatically decrease the Hoffman’s utility bills, while providing exceptional year-round comfort.

The Hoffman’s original furnace was not working, and required extensive repairs. Instead of simply replacing their furnace with a similar system, the Hoffman’s decided to address their concerns about comfort and energy savings by installing a hybrid heating a cooling system.

old tempstar furnace

This new system pairs a 2-stage high efficiency Trane heat pump for heating and cooling, with a 2-stage high efficiency Trane furnace for back-up heating on especially cold days. By providing multiple stages of heating and cooling, the Hoffman’s will experience optimal comfort from the mildest to the most extreme days in winter or summer. This system also features a variable speed blower motor that uses less electricity, and that allows air to be circulated continuously to provide more even temperatures throughout the home. Coupled with the existing Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner, it will also enhance indoor air quality with improved filtration.

Trane XV95

This installation required extensive re-working of the duct plenums, which were also sealed and wrapped to provide maximum comfort and system efficiency. Venting was re-routed, and drains were installed, with a pump system to remove condensation from the system and the home. Refrigerant and electrical lines for the new heat pump were routed through the garage and all penetrations were sealed for a clean looking installation. And the outdoor unit was placed on a pad, with snow legs and earthquake bracing (drilled through the hardscaping) to meet all code requirements.

heat pump refrigernat lineset and electrical

Congratulations to Lyle, Brandon, and Braxton on a job well done, and to the Hoffman’s on a system that will provide years of comfort and energy savings.